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Voices of Dartmouth

This is how people responded in the week following the article about the Orchard that appeared in the Dartmouth Chronicle on 17 October 2014.

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"We regularly use this for dog walking and have done for a number of years. This is the only area which is enclosed and safe for dogs to walk without worrying about roads. Although there are some irresponsible people who do not close the lower gate on College Hill."


"I hope some good will finally come out the recent decimation."


"This year I was hoping to pick some apples to make chutney for my own consumption. I was amazed to see that within a few days that all the trees had been stripped. In previous years I have seen people with cases on wheels, trolleys and holdalls full of apples leaving the orchard. Quite clearly taking these for commercial use."


"This should remain a green area for local people to enjoy."


"I have read with interest the steps you are taking to improve and preserve the Dartmouth Orchard. You might like to look at the Grow Sheffield website for further ideas to draw attention to this lovely resource."

"It isn’t a garden and shouldn’t have garden plants in it."


"Could the apples be sold to raise money for the upkeep of the orchard?"


"I am not happy about a picnic area being set up. Where will these people park? Who will pick up the inevitable litter left by people?"


"I understand that access was to be improved, but I believe this has been misinterpreted. Improved Access surely means improving the pathways. During wet weather the paths become impassable. The lower pathway down to the lower part of orchard is very dangerous. It could be improved with log fronted steps. The original 5 bar gate fell down and was not replaced."


"My husband and I have enjoyed walking and picking fruit in the Dartmouth orchard - I recently used apples and local blackberries " at the recent Flavel fundraising fete!"


"Why change the Orchard? It’s perfect apart from the paths are very dangerous."

"It would be good if the Food Bank could become involved with the Orchard possibly using the fruit in the cookery demonstrations which I read they now host."


"The area cleared for the picnic area has damaged the wildlife living there. There were little creatures, like voles, lot of butterflies, bees buzzing around the blackberries in that area."


"The work of nyone working in the Orchard should be supervised by people who know about wildlife conservation."


"The pathways are poor and stop people from safely enjoying the Orchard. Please can something be done about this instead of wasting money on a picnic area when there are already seats in the Orchard."


"I would like paths to be more defined and gravelled to make them safe - plus trees and hedges planted"


"We can all enjoy this haven. Dogs can have their safe walk and we will all be happy."