Any Friends’ group stands or falls on the support it receives from people who are sympathetic to its aims. If you think Devon’s apple heritage is worth preserving and that it is worth keeping some places special for people and wildlife in Dartmouth, then please join us.

We will:

  • Keep you informed about what is happening in the orchard.

  • Provide opportunities for you to help according to your interests.

  • Keep your data safe in line with General Data Protection Regulations.

To join, simply download the pdf form below and either scan it and send it to the Chairman by email or by post (see contacts page).

Subscriptions (£5 per person) are voluntary, but very welcome in helping us achieve our aims. Alternatively, you might like to subscribe to the SeaMoor Lotto from the Friends of Dartmouth Community Orchard page:


The benefit to you is that every ticket has a 1 in 50 chance of winning a prize of up to £25,000; the benefit to us is that 50% of every ticket sold on our page comes to us (the funds are sent direct to our account every month), AND we benefit from the central fund that supports all the good causes taking part (10% of the ticket price goes into a Central Fund for Good Causes).