Welcome to Dartmouth Community Orchard. It sits between College Way (the main road into the town) and Ridge Hill / Mount Boone. The two orchard paddocks are linked by old woodland to form an unspoiled, rural area on the edge of Dartmouth. It is owned by the Town Council.

The paddocks contain approximately 130 apple trees of over 50 different varieties of traditional West Country apples, and the whole area is rich in biodiversity.

People come for quiet contemplation; to walk their dogs; to sit and admire the views over the Dart; or to watch the wildlife. They can enjoy the events held in spring to celebrate the reawakening of the orchard with its fine show of blossom and spring-time flowers, and in autumn to harvest the apples and make juice and cider.

September going's on!

Plenty of work has been going on, mainly by some of our committee members as well as Rob Harkness from DTC. Bees are the order of the day! They are pesky creatures and are certainly giving us a run for their money. The queen bee hid herself away so well that we thought she had died, so we bought another queen only to find she had reappeared! How to get a refund on a queen bee?!

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