Each year we have some community events: this year we will be having a Summer Picnic on July 10th (with a wet weather back up date of 18th July), and an Apple Day in October.

The Picnic will see tea and cake provided by the Orchard Committee, so please come along - bring a picnic - and admire the views!

The Apple Day provides an opportunity to enjoy the apple harvest. Prior to the day the apples are picked and stored and, on the day, washed and chopped before being ‘milled’ into a mash for pressing. The pressing produces delicious fresh apple juice, most of which is consumed on the day, but some is retained for cider making over the winter. This is used for tasting at later events.

We hold Working Parties during the autumn and winter months to help keep the orchard in good condition. There are two per month, one on a Sunday morning, the other on either a Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon. Dates are notified in August for the coming winter. The work is not heavy and we usually have a break for coffee or tea. All help is gratefully received and all are welcome. Summer Working Parties have no set pattern; ad hoc sessions are called as needed according to the season.


Finally, there is the Annual General Meeting. Date to be fixed, but we will let you know. The Committee gives an account of all that has been done in the preceding year and seeks support for what it hopes to achieve in the coming year.

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