Friends of 
Dartmouth Community Orchard

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Our Aims

The Friends have 3 main aims:

  • To keep alive the rich orchard heritage that is traditional in Devon.

  • To enhance the orchard as a community asset and place for quiet recreation.

  • To ensure the orchard is managed sympathetically for wildlife.

By working with other like-minded groups across South Devon, we will help keep the rich West Country apple heritage alive and well; by promoting local community use, we will ensure the orchard is valued as a unique asset in the town and is kept free from development; and by working closely with Dartmouth Town Council, we will ensure the orchard is well managed to achieve all three aims.

Join the Friends

Any Friends’ group stands or falls on the support it receives from people who are sympathetic to its aims. If you think Devon’s apple heritage is worth preserving and that it is worth keeping some places special for people and wildlife in Dartmouth, then please join us.

We will:

  • Keep you informed about what is happening in the orchard.

  • Provide opportunities for you to help according to your interests.

  • Keep your data safe in line with General Data Protection Regulations.


To join, fill out the google form below by pressing the link or download the pdf form below and scan it and send it to the secretary by email (

Google enrolment form

PDF Form

the Committee


Peter Shaw

Pamela Nicholson

Julie Downing

Peter Goldstraw 

Sophie Rennie 

Alisa Kefford 

Sally Walley  

Jemma Pyne co-opted

Matt Horan ex-officio