Welcome to Dartmouth Community Orchard. It sits between College Way (the main road into the town) and Ridge Hill / Mount Boone. The two orchard paddocks are linked by old woodland to form an unspoiled, rural area on the edge of Dartmouth. It is owned by the Town Council.

The paddocks contain approximately 130 apple trees of over 50 different varieties of traditional West Country apples, and the whole area is rich in biodiversity.

People come for quiet contemplation; to walk their dogs; to sit and admire the views over the Dart; or to watch the wildlife. They can enjoy the events held in spring to celebrate the reawakening of the orchard with its fine show of blossom and spring-time flowers, and in autumn to harvest the apples and make juice and cider.

January's going's on!

Earlier in the week, tree surgeons took some potentially unsafe boughs off the big ash tree above where people sit in the Orchard. All done now.

We didn’t think much of someone leaving a bench with cushions in the shelter, without a word to anyone. It’s been removed - we’ve been advised to keep it clear of seating, so that it doesn’t become a hanging out place. 

And we didn’t think much of someone dumping a section of builder’s fencing and a length of down pipe in the Orchard. It’s called fly-tipping. Not good.

On a positive note, we’ve planted two new trees this week, and next Wednesday (time to be announced) the Mayor will unveil  the ‘Village Green’ plaque at the Ridge Hill entrance.

 LOVE your Orchard.

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